So you have read through the whole website. Hopefully we have you smiling a bit. If you’re mad at us and want to give us a piece of your mind, you can do that here at

Now … if you have got past that and want to plan a visit to our service, then let’s turn this up a notch and make your experience a VIP experience. Here’s how we will do this: Below you can send us your info on what service date you are planning to attend, who will be with you, and the time you will arrive at the Crossfit Vitality.

We will reach back out to you with the name of one of our Dream Team leaders that will be ready to greet you. As you come to the Crossfit Vitality you will see some of our parking lot helpers. You can let them know you are new here and are a VIP. You can also give them the name of your Dream Team Leader who will be waiting to receive you.

Our parking lot team will direct you to a VIP parking spot front and center for you to have easy access to the Worship Center.

As you are parking, our Dream Team will be out there to greet you and to help you and your family get inside and all setup.

Our team leaders will be with you the whole way through your journey till they help find you that perfect seat inside.

The Dream Team will be there every step of the way. Once you’re inside and we have showered you with some goodies and gifts and help your kids get signed in to our kids area, we will then help escort you into the Worship Center to make sure you get a great seat for the service.

If you need anything at all, you will be able to speak to any one of our leaders and/or ushers for help. We will make sure to jump right on anything that you may need.

So how’s that? Come on and take the plunge. Plan a visit today and come have some fun. We are excited to greet and serve you.