Welcome to Factory Church! We are a new gathering located in Charlotte, NC. What has started as a spark from a group of high school boys that started to surrender and honor God, has now become a full blown movement to reach people right where they’re at.

Although there seems to be a good number of churches in the Charlotte, NC area, we saw an increased need, as our city is growing and it became more than evident that there might be a need for one that can connect with people on a normal and fun way.

No matter your age, your story, your scars or your background, we will be saving you a seat. You are welcome here!

How do we know Factory is right for you? Well …

If the thought of church freaks you out, you’ve come to the right place.
If you are searching for hope and looking for a family that will take you in and love on you, you’ve come to the right place.
No matter what baggage you carry, you’ve come to the right place.

Ultimately, we are far from perfect, and that’s ok, because Jesus is.

Our goal isn’t simply to jam people into church. We want to be a help in bringing people closer to God. Jesus is our identity, people are our passion, love is our language, and having fun is what we do.

We aren’t comprised of fancy church people. We aren’t filled with religious rules and traditions. We are normal people that have flaws, and have been given new life through the wonderful grace of Jesus.

In our service on Sunday mornings at 9:30, we gather together to boldly worship our Savior through singing, laughing, loving, giving and praise. You will enjoy the message as it is rooted in God’s word and made simple for us normal people. The service is focused to be inspiring, practical and helpful to your everyday lives.

We strive to create an engaging environment where we apply God’s Word in all areas of our lives and service. All while experiencing God’s great love and forgiveness like you’ve never experienced before.

Our hope and prayer is to see people engage with the power of Jesus from the moment you arrive at the Crossfit Vitality Gym.

So there you have it. We’re saving a special seat for you. Please be our guest and come have some fun with us.

Yes, we are going to have fun at church. Curious? Come hang out with us and find out what we mean. What have you got to lose?

We’ll see you Sunday at 9:30 am. We already have coffee and goodies waiting for you.